Friday, 30 May 2014

And now, something completely different

New Wrappers Progress - about a week in I would guesstimate

Dear constant reader (if I could be so bold as to borrow from Stephen King),

I fear I've let you down. To date, updating the blog has been last in my social media priorities list, and by the time I get to it, I really just want to get back to painting, and so I tend to just plonk all the photos down and get out of here. But I do realise that I'm supposed to be giving you a little more, a bit of myself, that you can get to know me, as opposed to just seeing paintings. So, instead of attempts to sound like an artist, I'll give you some of me.

So very regal

Which I'm sort of forced to do, as sir Cat Stevens (aka Skapie) refuses to give over my painting throne today. He has this new quirk where he actually sits on laps of his own accord, but only when it's the worst timing, like when you bladders bursting, or when you're on a painting high.. and then he sighs and twitches his ears wildly in irritation, because you dare to move when he's clearly trying to sleep. 

On the easel: Another wrappers painting, I finally finished my second Madiba drawing on tuesday, but I'll upload that on another day. This poor painting has been waiting in the wings since the commission came in, so today it gets all the attention.

In my cup: I'm on a Mugg and Bean filter coffee today, but I actually tend to buy different coffees every time I shop, just to keep things exciting (living on the edge). The important thing being that it's brewed in my little stove-top espresso kettle, and not plunged. In my favourite blue mug, that everything tastes better in, and that I love so damned much that I bought spare one, for when my husband or I inevitably dropkicks it into despair. 

*Note my teeny tiny little herb garden, which the jerk of a cat who breaks in now and then always kicks into the sink. And the fact that my Reeves titanium white snuck into that mug picture, it IS my favourite white paint, and definitely deserves a mention!
In my mouth: Nothing, sadly. I've half a mind to make an omelette, but the pan is a dirty mess, and I'd rather be doing anything than the dishes. (although I'll probably do them before painting, since my fingers are freezing from typing!) I had a corncake (like a ricecake?) with honey and cheese, but it was nothing to get excited about.

On audio: I'm on Ship of Destiny - The third Liveship traders book by Robin Hobb on audible - thanks to one of the greatest birthday gifts of all time! My brother gifted me with a years worth of credits on Audible, and even though I still have until November, I'm already depressed at the thought that this is not normal, it will have to stop, and I don't want it to.
Robin Hobb is some kind of amazing though, I have been on a Stephen King high since mid 2013 somewhere, and she is the only author who could drag me away (kicking a little) so much so that I'm listening to one series, while reading another on paperback. Also, the books are exciting enough that on the mornings that I just don't feel like sitting down to paint, the thought of starting another chapter while painting is actually good incentive.

On my mind: My article in Acrylic Artist magazine. Which I haven't seen! The magazine is out, so please go buy one if you're abroad, but I haven't seen it since it isn't on sale in South Africa, and I'm still waiting for my copies to be shipped! 
It IS very exciting though, my first real publication, and it's a feature article, so holding thumbs that the right people see it. 

And so, I'll leave you with a couple of links, if you dare:

A little taster of the feature article on the ClothPaperScissors Blog: 

And some of the images NOT featured in the article:

And as always I urge you to like my facebook page, even though it's a silly place, and facebook doesn't allow anyone to see anything anyone posts! Do it for me! :D

And one of my favourite places on the interwebs, BEHANCE! I can lose days browsing. Go there, and give a couple of appreciations, us artistic types thrive on that kind of attention.

That's all for now, have a glorious weekend!