Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dis koue kos, skat

Opskiet was a pop-up group show on the US Museum's 'stoep' that changed daily. This year each day represented a local movie, and I chose 'Dis koue kos, skat' as it was the most recent one I'd seen, and I had read the book. Of course the book was written by Marita van der Vyver, so I probably end up looking a tad obsessed.. or just very thematic. 
Yes, let's go with thematic.

Here are way too many photos of my work:

Marita van der Vyver by the show title, and incidentally my painting

Group shot incl works by Weyers du Toit, Hennie Meyer and Theo Kleinhans
As is verbrande hout  | 12 x 10 cm  | Acrylic on Canvas

Lepel lĂȘ / derde wiel  |  12.5 x 12.5 cm  |  Acrylic on Canvas

Lovely deep frames on these tiny ones

Freshly framed

Ek alleen  |  18 x 12.5 cm  |  Acrylic on Canvas
Ons, saam, alles  |  19 x 12.5 cm  |  Acrylic on Canva

Wederhalf - op soek na die hart agter die sjok  |  25 x 25 cm  |  Acrylic on Canvas

On an angle

Loves me not  |  40 x 30 cm  |  Acrylic on Canvas



Happiness is receiving photos from excited clients after sales!

More about this tomorrow x


I've been a tad distracted, multiple updates to follow! Here are detail shots of my painting and some beautiful photos of the show, borrowed from the Woordfees facebook page:

Die blou van onthou  |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  90 x 60 cm (SOLD)

On an angle


Sikho Mququ
Clementina van der Walt and Marike Kleynscheldt 

Theo Paul Vorster and Belinda Leontsinis

Kate Arthur and Michael Chandler

Dale Lambert and Diane McLean

Clare Menck and Margaret Woerman

Margie Malan, Michael Tietz-Geldenhuys and Michael Chandler

Cathy Brennon and Lien Botha

Ink! Magazine

Potblou brochure

Marita van der Vyver with my painting
If you've been following along on facebook, you'll know the full story behind the title, but the short version would be that my painting was named for a favourite novel by Marita van der Vyver. (The English version on the book is called 'Forget-me-not-blues', but the more direct translation would be 'the blue of remembering' - read it, it'll make more sense ;) 

And the VERY short version of the story is that I mailed her for permission to use her title, and explained my painting and how it ties in and how my best friend suggested the title, and basically shamelessly sharing how overly sentimental I am, and got her permission and blessing. And if that sounds very nonchalant, it's not, I'm not - AT ALL - the whole thing was utterly incredible. If only because I tend not to idolize people, except for incredible musicians and authors. The two kinds of people without whom my life would be terribly bland. And so believe me when I say I've been dancing on the inside for a month! Having her pose with this painting is very special. Also it made aforementioned best friend incredibly jealous/proud - what's the word for that feeling? - which is always fantastic :D