Friday, 17 October 2014

 October Update 

My newest work-in-progress, commissioned Orchids from her garden - from the same client for whom I did the single Orchid below. Having return clients is a great thing, not only because it shows their happiness with the previous commission, but also because you've already been through the whole process with them, and you know there won't be hassles. This buddy should be done over the weekend, or early next week. 

Nadia se Orgidee
70 x 90 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

This photo was taken minutes after delivering Layla and Zoe's portrait, and I think it's just about the cutest thing ever. The clients were all kinds of happy, and proceeded to tell me about all the future work I'll be doing for them, including sketch portraits of all 4 dogs, and another portrait of the girls, since the paintings will be heirlooms. And I already have so many ideas, I'm struggling not to push them into action!

Also, while waiting for the pizza, I had a bit of a drawing party with the girls (serious business as you can see) and as if wine and pizza wasn't enough, Layla made me a loom-bracelet - er well she made some of it and then got really reaaaly tired, and her dad finished it for her - AND I got drawings for the fridge (which I promptly forgot to take, but will post pictures as soon as I have them :D )

One can only dream that all future painting deliveries will be like that evening.
Also I have no idea what to do with this bracelet. Except remember to wear it next time I see the girls!

In other news: The Music and Lyrics group show was great - the link to all the work on show music and lyrics - had a lot of fun at the opening, and now I'm prepping and planning and looking forward to future endeavours. Top most a summer group show at Everard Read, and early next year my first group show in Johannesburg. (yay me!)
I'm still waiting for the local magazine feature to come out (did I tell you guys about that?) I think I kept it a surprise, but the local post offices have spoiled all the excitement by striking and I have no idea when what is happening now.

And now I have to go prep dinner and clean up a bit, in anticipation of a paint-filled-weekend - my absolute favourite kind of weekend.