Friday, 8 August 2014

 The Winter Exhibition 

So the opening was last night, and it was a roaring success, so many people came out - and it actually didn't rain, thank God! 

I have such a history of being a pain in the butt at openings, being the eternal optimist (you probably wouldn't think it, browsing through the blog!) my 'normal' is to expect everything awesome, I'm gonna arrive and all my paintings will be sold, and they'll come running for commissions and I'll just be blown away.. but a couple of years experience has taught me that no-one will care about me, (at some of these the curators didn't even recognise me) most people only come for the free wine, and there's generally a host of disapproving art students standing around discussing their own art and blocking peoples view of mine. So I'm left intrinsically excited but realistically expecting horribleness but also hoping for great things - it really messes with your system.

But this was inviting and warm, people were super friendly and chatty, and despite the drama of arriving with wrapped paintings during an opening (I was THAT girl) I really enjoyed the evening, as ( I think) did most people. ALSO there was a bit of a buzz about my candies and marbles, and its AWESOME that people are buzzing about the paintings that I feel most passionate about.

Special thanks to Arend and Jeanné for coming through, keeping us company and making it look like we were mingling!

 These are the 5 paintings currently exhibited - I'm probably going to take some more through next week, so GO LOOK! Or if you're not from around here, drop MarzĂ© an email and buy some work ;)