Sunday, 12 January 2014

A brief summary

Officially back in the studio today - even though I never really left - this only means I'm replying to emails that I didn't get around to last week, and I actually got up early today!

In 2013:

  - I produced more work than 2012, and for the most part on a much larger scale
  - I actually entered two art competitions (to no avail)
  - Painted my first portrait in years 
  - Only participated in two group shows :(
  - But also became represented by an awesome new gallery, who sold a record number of my       work in the first month
  - My paintings and I almost appeared on TV! (this has to be mentioned, it's just too big a deal         not to!
  - I started drawing again
  - I received almost 3 times more commissions than in 2012
  - aaand I lined up some awesome things for 2014

All (except one) of the works I produced in 2013
 Except for the one incomplete leftover from 2013, this is what I produced in 2013 - and the incomplete is for my own wall, so it will doubtlessly be incomplete for quite a while!
Red 'stickers' indicate sold, NFS or commissions.

Work from 2010 and 2012 that sold in 2013

Moving on, I'm quite excited for 2014, I'm already working on the first commission of the year, (with a  couple more in the wings), sold two paintings at Everard Read last week, and got very exciting news over the weekend (nope, not pregnant) which I'll share as soon as it's finalised.
Last monday I was nervous about this year, and then everything started falling into place.

That's all for now, I've spent more time in front of the screen so far today than I have in front of my easel, so I'm off! 

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