Thursday, 19 June 2014

Pieces of Parts 
It finally arrived.

I'm drinking a delicious Mocca Java - I really don't do Mugg and Bean normally, but I've changed out my normal groceries mall for a quieter one, and their coffee isle lacks in many ways. But this is doable.

Eating a whole sweet potato cooked in butter and cinnamon YUM - sadly not pictured, too hungry for THAT

Listening to Mr. Mercedes - the super duper new Stephen King

And all the while gloating. To myself. About myself. Apparently that's how I roll now.

I thought I'd spoil the people who actually read the blog when I don't nag about it on facebook, by sharing a different spread - text blurred of course, buy it if you want to read it! Or be patient, I'll probably post the whole thing sometime in the next 2 years :)

It really is something to read about yourself in a magazine. To read 'Kleynscheldt thinks' and 'Kleynscheldt says' is just the strangest thing. But awesome strange. 

Because the thing is: Between high school and somewhere mid becoming-an-adult-age, I would thrive on art magazines such as this one, and pore over them, cutting out the most inspirational paintings and mosaicing my bedroom wall. I spent so much time thinking about the people who created those works, about how amazing it must be to be an artist, how their studios probably looked, what kind of lifestyles those people must have. 

To have those tables turn on me is the weirdest thing.

And that's what excites me. The thought that a painting I agonised over and still love and hate simultaneously could be the thing that inspires a life to change. Some awkward kid might be trying to imagine what 'Kleynscheldt's life is like (that kid should REALLY have followed the link to the blog)
So there's that. And maybe it's oldskool, but it really is different to have proof that people think your work is worth while, worth printing, worth writing about, worth pasting on a wall, than it is to be a featured artist on a website. 
My heart is singing. I'm proud of myself, and just so happy to have made friends and family proud.

It's been a good week to be 'Kleynscheldt'.

Even though my cat couldn't care.

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  1. Congrats on this publication. Your artwork as grown in leaps and bounds since I've last visited your blog....YOU ARE AND UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED ARTIST!