Thursday, 5 June 2014

Unexpected Thursdays 

Jeez. Aren't Thursdays strange? I started out the day thinking it's Friday today. It's not great to start your day with disappointment.

My Hockney-ed Shelfie
Actually rewind. We started out the day in candle-light, since our lights trip the power now - I think the shower waterproofing just doesn't, well, it doesn't waterproof, and our bedroom light switch (behind the shower) seems to be rusting severely, so there's a pretty strong theory. Only sometimes the stove hobs trip the electricity as well. And the last time the electrician was here, nothing weird happened, and he clearly thought I was just being a woman, or something terrible like that. He also didn't understand my sense of humour (I made a joke with him, he didn't get it and I actually had to explain what I meant..), also he asked me if I was English, because my Afrikaans is so bad. I'm Afrikaans. 
But he's short, so there.

So I restarted my day. Made some coffee, thought I'd browse for a while and then get my paint on. And then I spilled my whole mug of coffee over the desk, completely submerging my phone, and breaking the computer keyboard.
So I restarted my day. Made some new coffee, found a spare keyboard, got the pc to switch on again, discovered my phone still works, and had some homemade soup, to comfort my soul. And covered the wet keyboard in rice. That should do it!

And took a shelfie, because why the heck not, this Thursday already broke all the rules.

In my mug: Woollies Mocha Java - a definite favourite.

In my tummy: My homemade veggie soup - YUM! I just fill up my biggest pot once a week, and freeze portions for lunch, since I've become gluten intolerant I've run out of ideas of what to eat :/

On audio: A fantastically random compilation of music, since I'm all out of audio books for now. (and I'm still on a high from the previous book's incredible ending! Whoa! Dragons! Pirates! Liveships! Too much excitement :D )

On the easel: Still the wrappers, much refined, although I notice that it looks almost exactly like it did on last weeks blog pic - rather frustrating since I've been working on it daily! Let's just blame the bad photography for that. Estimating that I'll finish next week. 

Delivering my Madiba II tomorrow, so that's exciting, hope I manage to keep it dry, it's been raining er (damnit. can't think of a rainy idiom.) it's been raining frogs' beards? I googled it:
Couple of good ones there, not at all sure in what context to use them though.

And I still haven't received my magazines, but I also haven't checked the post-box in 3 days because of the stormy weather, so I have absolutely no idea if I have cause to be upset! But this being a Thursday, I wouldn't expect any lovely collection notes today.

Progress II
Off to paint. After I've warmed up my hands and coffee. Have a better Thursday than I did! 

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