Friday, 12 September 2014


So those paintings I delivered earlier this week was for this, the 'MUSIC AND LYRICS' group show at Rust-en-Vrede, Durbanville. Opening eve is 16 Sept at 19:00 - and I hear there will be live music as well - NICE! 
I was so excited to get the invitation to be part of this since I've been naming most of the sweets in wrappers paintings after song titles and lyrics. And so yesterday, just before dropping the paintings off, I re-read the info about the show, and read that the paintings must be inspired by music. 


So I went anyway, full disclosure, and told them that these are still lifes, most definitely inspired by candy, by wrappers, by lighting and reflection and nostalgia, and the lyrics are just my silly way of tying in music from my childhood; AND they were fine with that - phew! 

ALSO. I've been asked to be part of Everard-Read's Annual Summer Exhibition. I'm REALLY happy about that, since I've been part of their Annual Winter Exhibition for a couple of years running, and this year my work didn't fit in - it was more landscape and figurative painting - so I was quite disappointed, it IS one of my annual occasions to dress up after all :P. And this is very good news since they rely heavily on tourists in summer, and this exhibition is slap bang in the middle of tourist season. Yay me!
So that'll be 21st November 2014 through into to January 2015.

This is an attempt at colour correction. The other photos are so vibrant - acrylics LOVE the sun - that they give you the idea that the painting is very pink, so this is an attempt at showing that the flesh tone is actually flesh tone! (cause I KNOW you were thinking WOW those kids are PINK! Also Ernest the frog never got a closeup, so here he is in all his sarcastic glory.

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