Friday, 26 April 2013

And so. We’ve moved in.

But we don’t have to talk about that.

Instead I thought I’d share my first attempts at studio-ing – I know, I know, but given time, a nice carpet, a paint job, and other furniture it could be something great! ;)

Studio cat decided to do some decorating with his tail on the first night..
Cat Stevens, tired after all that wall painting

And share some things you didn’t know:

  • I am ritualistic, I can only paint when I have a freshly brewed double shot espresso, and have rolled out 10 cigarettes (cherry tobacco). I know it’s psychological, but it works, so why mess with it?
  • I have to have ‘company’ when I work – generally music, and then generally power metal, you go ahead and judge, but fast paced music really works. That way (I learned this tip from Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’) you envelop yourself in music, and no outside noise can distract you. This will change when I finally get around to acquiring some audio books, I can recite the ones I have at this stage!
  • I have more paint clothes than normal outfits.
  • I am an avid gardener, and I suck at it, one of the plus-points of recently moving was moving away from the garden I had fudged up. But now I need a new one, for source flowers to paint!
  • A sneezing cat is probably one of the cutest things you will ever experience.
  • Living a week without internet or a phone connection was actually really nice.
  • I judge people by their shoes.
  • I almost failed art theory in high school. And my art teacher advised me not to study fine arts. And I trusted her judgement.
  • An ancestor of mine might have known Vermeer. :D didn’t see that coming, did you?
  • Now this is probably not true, but when my parents told me about this, it was so cool that I’ve chosen to believe it. If you have information disproving it, don’t tell me. I’d have to egg your house if you did. We were talking about the origin of ‘Kleynscheldt’, and apparently a family member found this gem in some archive: it is thought that our first ancestor to come to South Africa worked as an apprentice to Vermeer, and jumped on a leaving ship after having been caught doing shady things in his studio (I assume he stole, but thats based on absolutely nothing)

 True or not, Vermeer is a personal favourite, and if I ever have kids I will tell it to them as if it is a known truth.
The soon to be first painting in the new house (and in my first studio.
The apprentice

That’s all for now, paint on, and don’t let the man get you down.

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