Thursday, 16 April 2015


Does April count as autumn yet? Well I'm freezing my toes off, and the trees in our little homestead have all reddened, so might as well be.

As promised, updated photos of Frolicking, more or less colour correct, and already in their new home!

Also, I thought I'd share the 'how to' that was in The South African Artist magazine last year. I'm seeing it as more of a glimpse into how I work than a how to, to be honest, the idea of hundreds of people copying my painting is shudder inducing. But this kind of thing would have meant so much to me as a budding (clue-less) painter, and that excites me.

I know you faithful blog-readers have seen hundreds of these kinds of step-by-step posts from me, but I don't usually do it with notes, so hopefully that's informative!

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