Tuesday, 14 July 2015

 3 Months later 

My last post was in APRIL? Gosh. 

I'll do a quick update, and then do a different post where I ramble a little about inconsequentialities.

Fluid  |  30 x 40 cm  |  Acrylic on Canvas
I like this painting so much, I might keep it. I think because it's a little too sharp, a little too vectory, and it amuses me. Also, the last painting I decided to keep, was done 4 years ago, and it's time for another.


Foiled I & II  |  30 x 30 cm each  |  Acrylic on Canvas
Jeez, how fun is foil to paint! If only I could find more sweets wrapped in foil, but not printed with ugly logos and such.. but that's a monologue in itself.
These were great fun, challenged myself by tweaking the saturation of colour. So the idea was to try and make them work as a unit, with the slight change in angle and depth of fokus as well as the change in colour, different, but 'the same' enough to still work together.
More of these might follow. At the moment though, I'm waiting to receive paintings back from Jo'burg - did I forget to mention?

Okay so I was part of the Jan Cilliers group exhibition with Lizamore and associates in June, my first showing that far from home! But none of my works sold, and so they're on their merry way home, and I intend to send them, along with the two Foiled works to either Everard Read Gallery or mayhaps somewhere completely different, we shall see. 

These three were at the show, 'Toffee Apples in various stages of undress' and 'Jannie verjaar'

ALSO. There was June. In June I worked on what I like to think of as my last Candy Apples painting, only I'm still working on it. It won't let me finish! I keep changing the background and tweaking the contrast in the plastic, and while it looks nice from afar, it just isn't working yet. So it remains a work in progress. *sigh.

I think that pretty much brings us up to speed. As to the future? Well. I don't know yet. But that's for another post.

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