Monday, 2 November 2015

Sugar baby love

Sugar Love duo, 29 x 29 ea
Acrylic on Canvas
Just to be clear: these are candy paintings, and not Christmas paintings.. I don't subscribe to Christmas in November (mostly because November is my birthday month and I demand attention :P )

I knew these canes had to be painted when I spotted them behind some spooky halloween sweets. 
And I really love the idea of doing a set these days, especially in this case; a sedate still life and a more punchy colour and angle version. Of course the second one was much more fun to work on, but after the initial joy of seeing how many colours I could squeeze in, I inevitably start thinking 'this is the one that won't sell'. How sad that that thought is always so close. 
But what the hay. That is the kind of painting that sweeps me away, and reminds me how much I love painting. There are so many distractions, admin and social media and admin and emails upon emails.. but then you have that moment when you're in the zone and you realise you have no idea what time it is, how long you've been painting, when last you ate. And that makes it worth it.

 Also I finally got some business cards! Yay me! 

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