Monday, 21 December 2015

(blood sweat and wine)

11 months ago, I had the privilege of drawing dear Toto, shortly after he passed away. And as if that wasn't hard enough on the family, their beloved little Cody died unexpectedly last month. 
Toto, A3, pencil on 160 gsm untextured paper
Cody, A3, pencil on 160 gsm untextured paper

It really is so precious to me to work on these kinds of projects, knowing that the families are still grieving, and that the part I play is actually quite important in immortalising a family member. And in delivery I will see in the clients' reactions whether I did them justice. 

Since that drawing I haven't posted much on any social platforms, I spent 2 very long weeks in limbo, waiting for talks to stop and commissions to start -

*Limbo: the period between paintings when you desperately need new orders to come in, second guessing every decision you've ever made in your life while trying not to 
come across as too desperate, too nonchalant, too anything really. 
It's a designated period in which you stress and regret. 
And your faith is tested. Deeply.

And as these things inevitably work out, I ended up with two large commissions with the same deadline. 
Which was 4 weeks.
For two 60 x 90 cm detailed, realistic works, over Christmas, while dear hubby and most of our friends & family are on holiday, after a rough tiresome year. 
I tried to convince myself that those 2 weeks of limbo was supposed to have been rest time, but if you're not 100% sure when the next paying job is coming in, it wreaks havoc on you emotionally, mentally and physically - I got a neck spasm during that time that I'm still feeling the aftershocks of as I sit here. Body parts you've forgotten about start aching and acting up. I go through a period like that at least once a year - sometimes bad planning, sometimes just bad luck - and usually it lasts at least a month, but it still sucks while you're in it.

And so I'm working working working. I'll rest next year :P 

Here's a very very sneaky sneak peak on an angle of an edge of one of the commissions, just to peak your curiosity! I hope to be done with this one in the next day or two, depending on the client's thoughts and expectations.

The next one should be a little gentler on the system; the deadline can be extended, I just don't want to, the client is one of my very favourite people to work with and I'd go very far out of my way to keep her happy, she's dived me out of art limbo many times. But more on that later.

Updates on these paintings and a look-back at 2015 to come soon! 

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