Monday, 21 November 2016


Fluid  |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  30 x 40  

Fluid is at Marze Botha gallery in Stellenbosch, if you want to go see him face to face. 
I framed him because I had decided to keep him - 

This is what happens: you have a blank space on the wall, 
so you hang an available painting there, just until 
you take it to a gallery or sell it, obviously.. 
only it looks rather pretty there, and you get a little attached 
and the next time you send a client a list of available paintings, you 
"neglect" to add that particular painting to the list..
and that's just terrible business

Let me just add, I still maintain that it's okay to like your own work - hell, even essential, how can you expect people to purchase and collect your own work if you don't like it? It's a good thing to create work you're proud of, in short: satisfaction = good, arrogance = very very bad

So I framed him to keep him and realised (again) that I really really need to start collecting other people's art - not just for the sake of supporting fellow artists and not being a hypocrite, but also 'cause there's SO MUCH amazing stuff out there, and my walls are missing out! Yep. I covet. But maybe coveting art is okay? 

So anyway
I took these two Soldiers to Feathers to get framed, because they're just so little and I was afraid I'd struggle to sell them. And someone came into the store and saw them, and ended up purchasing them before they were even framed - which is a delightful win, because they could choose a frame they preferred, and I didn't have to pay for framing! Yes!
I think I'll keep working so small once I dictate my own work again, it makes sense (now that I want to buy everyone's every art) to make art that's affordable(er) and tiny enough that it would fit in any home.

Ten little Soldier boys  |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  10 x 15 cm each

I had begun to despair that RGB wouldn't sell (so much so that it became one of the paintings on my wall (shameless - it really pulled our bedroom together though) and this painting has been such a big deal to me. It was one of my most shared images on facebook (I want to say it went viral, but that would just be a complete lie), it was the 'cover double page spread image in my interview in Acrylic Artist magazine, and he was stlll just hanging around here (hehe) BUT I was contacted by a couple who had recently seen my work in the South African Artist magazine (of 2 years ago!) and I added RGB to the available paintings list as a wildcard and they loved him! Awesome customers, prompt payments, insisted on paying the postage fees that I accidentally misquoted them on - it's so lovely to meet people who don't want to squeeze you for every cent they can, and oddly rare - and I was just overjoyed that he found a home! 
Only now my bedroom is just bland; all white with a colourful painting is stylish, but all white with a bare nail in the wall is sad :'( but the story doesn't end there!

Variation Red Green Blue  |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  50 x 90 cm

Straight after that sale I was contacted my a lovely lady through facebook, and she ended up picking RGB: Revisited out of all the available works (of which there were many) and it was so poetic to me, as (you might remember) Revisited was a tribute to RGB and they sold back to back!

RGB: Revisited  |  Acrylic on Canvas  |  21 x 30 cm

 I can completely understand how that would be a very uninteresting story to anyone who isn't in fact me. Thanks for reading this far!!

I promised you exciting news didn't I? I lied. There's exciting news, but I'll share it tomorrow :) But have some cat tax! Little sleepy head  <3

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